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Flooring Services in Ellicott City


Need some work done on your floors? No matter what type of flooring you're looking into, J.M.H. Contracting can help. Our handy teams of flooring experts...
Roofing Services in Ellicott City


Roofing is more than a simple way to cover your home. Roofing is a structural support that protects your home and family from the elements, sun, wind, rain and more.
Bathroom Remodeling Services in Ellicott City

Bathroom Remodeling:

Do you have a dream bathroom that you've always imagined? Perhaps it has a walk-in shower or a deep jacuzzi style bath, a gorgeous vanity and beautiful mosaic tile.
Custome framing bathrooms and rooms

Custom Framing Bathrooms and Rooms:

*Duration varies • Varies on the complexity

Framing with 2"x4" studs, make jacks and header boards for doorways and windows. Run necessary power, water, HVAC then drywall to be finished with paint.
Kitchen rehab

Kitchen Rehab at any cost:

*Duration varies • Varies

Demo and install to perfection!
Water Supply to a house repair

Repair to the Main Water Supply for a home:

Duration varies • Depends on how much digging and how deep

Excavating to find the source of the leak, cut out busted line, add couplers, secure, turn the water back on to check for integrity. 
Hardscaping new set of steps for county code compliance

Hardscaping New Set of Steps for County Code Compliance:

*Duration varies • Depends on type of stone, size, SQ'

Digging down deep enough so you can add enough stone sand and get a solid foundation which is machine tamped si there is no movement. Next, arrange stones in the pattern desired and cut as necessary. Secure with SRW Adhesive and let set. Next day ready for activity.
Schluter Systems

Custom Granite 12"x3/8" tile with 1/4" Mosiac tile. Need to add Schluter Systems:

Duration varies • Depends on the grade of Granite and Mosaic

Mastic wall adhesive for tiles being placed on the walls, Schluter System to bring thinner mosaic tile flush with thicker tile, and non-sanded grout. 
Fence Custome Installation

Custom Fence Installation:

*Duration varies • Varies

Let  J.MH. Contracting LLC build you a beautiful Custom fence that you desire. Anything from shadow boxes, doc ear an 3/4" fence board 5' x 6'. 
Snow Removal 24 Hours A Day

Snow Removal 24 Hours A Day:

*Duration varies • $75/Foot/Visit

Snow removal will begin as accumulations exceed 3". We will be clearing with a John Deere 4x4 with a 6' snow thrower so when the snow is removed it's not left in mounds, it's blown away.
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