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A Square Above the Rest

J.M.H. Contracting LLC, is a multi-discipline company specializing in commercial and residential construction, emergency services, water restoration. In addition, they are experts in drywall, painting, and flooring of any kind. During installation, you will receive 110% effort for the whole day from the entire team. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the quality of the craftsmanship produced by my company, we will address it immediately. There's no waiting around for you to have to point out if there has been a mistake, my crew or myself will already be fixing it in a professional manner. 
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A Letter from the Owners

My company follows a policy I came up with known as the (3) P's. If you implement these into your practice and routine, you are guaranteed many more pleased and happy clients! 

The (3) P's that I came up with are as follows:
1. Punctuality
2. Perfection "to best of ability"
3. Professionalism

If you can stick to and follow these three simple rules, you will see how magically your company will grow. You will notice how much more often you are referred by your clients to people they know. Meaning, if you say you're going be there at 7:00 am, get there at 6:55 am. Believe it or not, this is extremely valuable to your clients. These individuals have lives just as we do, and if we are late, we make them late, NOT GOOD! They may not say a word or be bothered at first, but over time when you're business is mentioned you will either become known for lateness or you are not mentioned at all. This will not be good for growing your business. Do yourself a favor, open your heart, be kind, care and have a passion for what you do. If you don't, you're not in the right profession and it's time to find that passion, that passion that you can taste in your mouth. When you can taste it, you will know you found it.

Now, run with it and give it 110% of your heart and you will see how happy you become and how much more lucrative your business becomes. Always remember your word is all that you have, without that you don't have anything but broken promises!! 

Best Regards and thank you, Holly Gue, Jeffrey M. Honchar "Owner" JMH Contracting LLC "A Square Above The Rest".